Monday, June 4, 2012

A scarlet frock

Jeggins- Denim co/Watch- Lorus/Bag- Hermes/Shoes- Desert Noble

The buttons make this dress so lovely.

i attempted a skyline manicure and this is how it turned out..DO NOT LAUGH!.
In case i hadn't mentioned it before, the color red is a favorite of mine.I had a rather horrible weekend and i just needed this to brighten me up. My mom's friend brought this dress for me all the way from China. i cannot pronounce the name on the Label (lol!) but i love it.Contrary to the popular belief that Chinese goods are inferior, the fabric is lovely and I've had this for 2 years and its vibrant hue shows no signs of dullness. Thumbs up for China! Uh, and about that halo manicure DIY i promised... from the look of the "skyline", i don't think i should attempt it! *giggles*

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