Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My lucky skirt!

The amazing designer, Marayah O happens to be a friend and mentor of mine. I got this MO beaded skirt on sale about a year ago and I've rocked it every way!
  Good craftsmanship is hard to come by, many washes later, the lace is still yellow as ever.
Not a single bead is missing!
 I call it my lucky skirt because I met someone amazing while wearing it...pictures below!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Red and blue

So i rushed out of church after sunday school to take these pictures before the main service started. 
I forgot to put on any jewelry except my wedding rings. 

Tom ford glasses- LYDC London briefcase - Shoes are by a dodgy dubai designer . lol

I think i'm cross-eyed! lol
I love this skirt to bits! The shirt was given to me by my aunt. For someone who loves playing safe fashion wise, i consider this a daring outfit. Boring me, right?
  I'm hanging on to this blog for dear life. sometimes, i get so busy, i forget i have a blog. its that bad. Sorry for the hazy pictures. took them just before the skies opened up.


Grace is petite with a very ladylike sense of style. Enjoy

Wednesday, June 19, 2013





So, im back from the wedding hiatus. Over the past few weeks, my lifestyle and schedule have changed a lot. I've never been much of a poser as you all know, so i have decided to make up for this with street style ! Gives me time to showcase Nigerian style in its splendour and variety while i pose as my schedule allows. Am i smart or what? *huge grin*

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Whenever i have to go to the mall, Here's what comes to mind ;something loose, something short, a huge bag  and a pair of flats.

I maintain that i bent to scratch an itch! Watch -Chanel J12. A gift but i guess you can get one from the POLO store  in VI.

Necklace- Street store

Top- wrangler (shoprite ikeja mall),  shorts- Mr Price, Bag and Flats- Atmosphere.
Hmm... i may be off for some days. I'm getting married next weekend! I'm excited, frustrated and a little crazy. I'm probably the perfect bridezilla or something..Aaannnnnyyyyyhu, I care not! April 13 is my day and i shall do as i wish! #sticks out tongue for emphasis#