Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We read a novel with this title back in our first year of school...I was reminded of it today as my lovely friend Dara took my pictures on our way to catch our bus to campus. Finding a good background is like searching for the holy grail man! Thats what you get when;

recent purchases.

i looped my dress over a belt and wore it as a top.

Atmosphere leggins/ LYDC briefcase/NY London watch.

orange lippy! i'm really getting bold.

The bauble vendor   on campus says i'm his 78th wife. had to shove him out of the way to snap his display. I sometimes find treasures in his crazy little store.
  1. Your campus is situated in a forest where you see monkeys hopping in the evening.
  2. Tarred roads are a luxury. and
  3. Your hostel is located in a village hamlet and you can't wait to get home  to Lagos every weekend!

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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

clean and successful (think of Rahul Gandhi) while black is something ugly, poor and deprived (think of the Dalit families Rahul visited for Moral Science project in school). We wont easily fantasize about Padma “Brown Sugar” Lakshmi when all our adolescent nights were wasted on watching Pamela “White Heroin” Anderson . chain link fence slats