Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HER SKIRT PHASE...and a fab weekend

She has tried, without success, to teach me how to pose!lol. skirt- thrifted/ watch-swatch irony-shoes- dollhouse

Shades-mango/Gold Earrings- gift from her gran

garbed in traditional ankara cloth  for the wedding

Rose ring- the school vendor/ earrings- fashion jewellery/glasses-gucci
My friend Dara is experiencing what i call a "skirt phase" she just got 5 different skirts and she's been wearing them one after the other! the lovely maxi skirts look good on her( she's a model). i love the look, but it just wont suit my body type. Anyway, i HAD to show u guys so i took these pictures as we set out for lectures. also added some snaps from my fun weekend (weddings all the way!) Have a lovely week!

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