Thursday, March 7, 2013

WILL(What I've learned lately) MAKING DO

I'd love to have these christian louboutin June pumps. hmmm...perhaps if i sell my car?

I can afford these. Zara pointed vamp shoes. Order here

I've wanted this Jane sandals ever since i saw fellow blogger Karla Deras purchase 'em.

I ordered this Zara option here to satisfy my craving. It also comes in plain black and looks just like the Saint Laurent, but i fell in love with this coral/gold combo instead.

 We all lust after  the pricey designer items. i do too, but i know there are more important things in life. So,while waiting patiently till i can afford such stuff, i will find what is closest to them on the high street and be happy, content and grateful for the gift of life. After all, dead girls don't strut.

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Hey, I followed your blog, thanks for dropping by mine :)